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Cast of Characters

Necrolious and Sasstrass
Athabask Faraik (the Lost) and J’regh
Vheylann and Aliana
Kyp and Orris


  • Current Goals/Plots
    • Establish a foothold and strongholds in the forest for Castle Arrgh
      • Recapture/infiltrate the Hobgoblin outpost to repair/destroy Elven tree
      • Explore forest to find more friends and resources
      • Learn more about the Gnomes and how they can help
  • Other Goals/Plots
    • Fight Vassa whenever possible
    • Fight the hobgoblins to stop them from gaining more strength
    • Free slaves whenever possible
    • Screw the Wood Elves
    • Wood Elf Lord’s daughter is in trouble
    • Recover more gold from Leprechauns for Blarney McBoozin
    • Find the leprechaun that has ‘Gold’ Fish
    • Find item that the dragon turtle wants (is in a tower in the forest)
    • Seek/talk with Eldar (true orig elves) about Tree Artifact

NPCs and Contacts

  • Lord Gillian (Castle Arrgh) – sent party on quest
  • Blarney McBoozin (Half Branch logging town) – wants his gold back from other Leprechauns
  • Leprechaun group (forest) – helped party escape hobgoblins
  • Lord Velarius – tortured Wood Elf Lord
  • Forest Giant family (Half Branch logging town)
  • Naga (forest) – that attacked party in logging town bar
  • High Lord Alster – a lord of Vassa
  • Warpriest of Vex – a priest in Vassa
  • Commander Grilog – ??? someone mentioned in hobgoblin letters
  • Scum Lord of the lake – ??? someone mentioned in hobgoblin letters
  • Alumariat – ??? something or someone mentioned in hobgoblin letters
  • Dragon Turtle – worshiped by pirates in the Kingdom of Carinia on the coast


  • Steppes of the Bandit Lords
    • Castle Arrgh – Castle City State in the middle of the steppes
    • Half Branch – Half-elf Logging Town
    • Lush Wood – Border forest between Castle Arrgh and Vassa
  • Vassa
  • Varm
  • Vyrannian Empire
  • Gran Thane
  • Kingdom of Carinia
  • Elven Kingdom
  • Dwarven Realms

The Story So Far

The Lord of Castle Arrgh tasked the party with establishing a foothold in the forest in order to fight and protect against Vassa.

They traveled to the logging town of Half Branch.
They met a family of Forest Giants (elf-like giants that can change size).
They stayed at Blarney McBoozin’s tavern/inn and helped fight an infestation of snakes and a Naga. They damaged the bar in the process (fireballs!), so Blarney asked them to find his missing gold which were taken by hobgoblins (and re-stolen by other Leprechauns).
They also learned to watch out for a gigantic snake which creates rainbows while it travels through the forest.

Party found the Leprechauns by following the snake’s rainbow and fought them. But when a green dragon showed up they left with only some of the gold.

They then tracked down the hobgoblins that also had some of the gold. The trail led to a hobgoblin village on 3 hills with at least a thousand hobgoblins plus slaves. Too many to fight and this was not the outpost the party was looking for.

They then found out about a hobgoblin outpost nearby which reportedly had the hobgoblins who stole the gold.

After multiple long fights, the party captured the outpost and found an ancient Elven Tree of Power which had been corrupted by the hobgoblins. They also saved some gnome slaves and a Wood Elf Lord.

They took the Elf Lord back to his village and got in an argument with the haughty elves, so left.

After returning to town to recuperate and return the gold to Blarney McBoozin, they returned to the hobgoblin outpost to find that the hobgoblins had already returned and started to fortify the entrances with magically created rocks.

A very long and almost fatile battle ensued. The king of the hobgoblins was there riding a giant hellish yellow moth that shot flames from it’s wings. Also there were some large blue fiend constructs and a black angel. The party almost died. Necrolious was captured by the angel, but the party got away with the help of some Leprechauns. Vheylann managed to free some gnomes in the battle who came with the party.

After finding out that Necrolious was still alive (because of active message spell), they returned to free him. Kyp found a small crack in the ground which led down to a very small cave, where Necrolious was being tortured by a drow and two small (and fast) cave trolls. Some spells (including a wall of force) and hero points did the trick to allow Necrolious to be freed.

The party (and Leprechauns and gnomes) were spotted by the hobgoblins and were chased, so the party led them to the Wood Elf village.

They tried to warn the elves, but the elves were again very unfriendly and the party decided to just leave the elves to deal with the hobgoblins.


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